The coronavirus

No one could have could have foreseen what is currently happening in the world. Fortunately, people seem to support each other where possible. Beautiful initiatives emerge everywhere: shopping for people who are unable, kids who are out of school care for the children of people who work in healthcare. People are there for each other and it is encouraging to see this.
Due to the virus new challenges arise: schools that move their lessons online, shops offer their goods via social media and people become innovative where possible.

Writing this we very much realise that there are major worries too: how will the people that are ill cope, isolated elderly people who might not get any visitors and how will businesses and shop keepers and their employees continue if businesses stay closed for too long. And of course, our own health and that of our loved ones!

Our web shop will remain open as normal, you can continue to order from us and we will carry on supplying our clients where possible. No changes there. Our showroom will temporarily shut, but via our Facebook and Instagram accounts you can continue to enjoy our beautiful collection and get inspired.

From DutZ we wish you lots of strength for the coming period. If you have any queries regarding an open order, an invoice of anything else we continue to be here for you.

Dear people, please look after each other and above all: stay healthy!

With colourful greetings from DutZ


Cylinders and vase Dnjestr in dark green

Cylinders and vase Dnjestr in dark green